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Matt and Duane conquor Mt. Snowdon for TEAM REEKIE

dscf1788.jpg (1933936 bytes) Some serious pre climb training.
dscf1789.jpg (1995068 bytes) Snowdonia by night
dscf1792.jpg (1869475 bytes) Beautiful morning, beautiful scenery.
dscf1793.jpg (1969122 bytes) Traffic in the morning is terrible.
dscf1795.jpg (1908746 bytes) En route.
dscf1797.jpg (1970970 bytes) The mountainside leaves Duane in an contemplative mood.
dscf1802.jpg (1870293 bytes) It leaves Matt decidedly unimpressed.
dscf1804.jpg (2049799 bytes) My that's a long way up.
dscf1806.jpg (1974731 bytes) Time for a rest then.
dscf1808.jpg (1814046 bytes) Agreed.
dscf1812.jpg (1994145 bytes) Time for another?
dscf1801.jpg (1787668 bytes) No, I'm off.