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RHT2200 Haulm Topper


The Reekie RHT 2200 features a high-speed dynamically balanced rotor with full width contour blades that create substantial suction to lift and finely shred the haulm against a shredder plate.
This allows the shredded haulm to be sieved through the following harvester webs along with the soil. The need for a cross conveyor to deliver haulm to the side of the harvesting operation is removed, together with related capital and maintenance costs.
Adjustable depth wheels ensure effective topping.


The new haulm topper is available as a front or rear-mounted unit with pulleys and belts that transmit and configure the power to suit 540, 750 or 1,000 rpm PTO speeds.
The 2.2m working width allows the topper to deal with haulm ahead of the tractor wheels when front mounted, avoiding compaction and subsequent difficulties incurred at the corners of the harvester intake.
Adjustable ridge press wheels are available as an option on the trailed machine to help close up cracks on the ridge tops to helping to prevent greening.