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Used Machines
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Spring Equipment


Grimme Variant Harvester

'01 / '02 1700 machine. Wheel drive, picking table.
Must be in tidy condition.

Photos to would be a great help.



Bedtillers We have more information on used Reekie bedtillers, used Grimme bedtillers, used Standen bedtillers still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Reekie RT170S | RBM2SB



Reekie RT170S Bedtiller

Single bedtiller with spikes and auto reset bodies.

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Grimme CombiTiller

Awaiting copy.


Standen Pearson '09 Bedtiller with Tubs

3 Microband tubs, 6 fishtails, land driven spiderwheel.
Set for Nemathorin, 30kg/ha.


Pearson '91 Rotaforma 1.8

Sensible tidy machine with blades at 50%.


Dowdeswell Bedtiller

With Pearson Jumbo ploughs.


George Moate '08 3 Bed Tiller 5.4m

Bedtiller with ploughs. Good blades.


Jones Triple Bed Nematicide Applicator

TM Air 12 granule applicator.


Bedmakers We have more information on used Reekie bedmakers, used Grimme bedmakers, used Standen bedmakers still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Pearson Jumbo Bedmaker with Fertiliser Applicator



Pearson Jumbo

With fertiliser hopper and spring tines.

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Separators We have more information on used Reekie separators, used Grimme separators, used Standen separators still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Grimme '96 Combistar

Star transfer boulderbox & height adjustable stars.
45mm separating web & 19mm cross conveyor.
Under web assister roller.
1st row of stars really need replacing, as do the intake discs.
Been under the guards and the star drive chain and sprockets are all good.
20 years old, but a sound proposition.


Grimme Mustang 89

  • No boulder box
  • 45mm main web
  • 45mm 2nd web
  • In working order


Pearson '94 Megastar

Non boulderbox, with vari flow web. Self centre steering and dual levelling.

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Planters We have more information on used Reekie planters, used Grimme planters, used Standen planters still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Reekie RMP2J - New

2 x new Reekie mechanical planters left in stock for this spring.
Cup planter, large capacity fixed hopper, shapeforming hood, miss indicators.


Reekie RMP2T

Reconditioned planter with tipping hopper & ridging ploughs.


Reekie Spacesetter Planter

With Hoekstra hood. Good working order, stored under cover.


Reekie SSP3 Planter

3 row Spacesetter planter. In cab hydraulic controls & miss indicators.
Points, wheels & rear half ploughs all good.
Facility for intake boards & shapeforming hood if required.


Reekie RMP2 Planter

Good points on openers and bodies. Miss indicators.


Reekie RMP2 Planter



Grimme GL32B Planter

Auto tip hopper, auto depth wheel, headland shut off and shapeforming hood.


Grimme GL36ZS Planter

6 row planter including low loader trailer.
Pressurised hoods, folding drawbar for transport, lanes adjuster on drawbar. Barn stored.

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Standen H200 Big Boy Planter

  • Space select
  • Steeing axle
  • Depth control
  • Seed monitoring
  • Shapeforming hood
  • Techneat Amistar To Be Removed


Standen 3 Row Goliath Planter

Barn stored. Details here.

No Photos

Standen '04 H240 Planter

  • quad planter
  • depth sensing
  • seed monitors
  • manual spacing
  • hopper extensions


Standen Big Boy Planter



Structural Planter



Applicators We have more information on used Applicators still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

If you have an applicator for sale, send us the details and a few photos, we're happy to put them on our site with no obligation.

Anything from: Agrobands, Placement Pros, Amistar Kits, Monceren Kits etc.

Harvest Equipment

Haulm Toppers We have more information on used Reekie toppers, used Grimme toppers, used Pearson toppers still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Grimme KS1500A Haulm Topper

Hydraulically driven. Adjustable depth wheels and side discharge belt. Current linkage suits self propelled harvester.

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Pearson Rapier - Front Mounted

2 row topper with contoured flails and xcon.


Samon Onion Topper

Rear mounted.



We have more information on used Reekie harvesters, used Grimme harvesters, used Standen harvesters still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Reekie '05 Dominant 3150 Unmanned Harvester

Set for lifting early salads. Non wheeldrive.


Reekie '04 Dominant 3174

Picking table, wheeldrive and full CanBus electronic controls.
It has been owned from new and driven by the same driver from day 1.
It is equipped with half diablos and full width share. As photographed, it was last used for digging buried potatoes in a windrow.
Ridge pressure control is fitted over the diablos and sweeping clod fingers help break up the ridges if necessary.
Main web, 45mm.
The Cleanflow table is the industrial heavy duty type, with an excellent pintle belt over.
The whole machine is in working condition, the camera kit comes with the machine.


Reekie 1500 Cleanflow Onion Harvester

Fitted with stainless plain rollers. Haulm rollers reversed to go with crop. 50mm main web.


Reekie Cleanflow Web Unit

Goes in the 3rd position. 1700 wide so will suit a 2170, 2172, 2174.



We Are Breaking

1 x Grimme GZ
1 x Grimme 1700 Variant
1 x Grimme 1500 Variant
1 x Grimme CS1500

Tel: 01205 260543 | E:

Grimme '97 GZ 1700 DL1

  • MultiSep
  • Wheeldrive
  • Picking table
  • Full width share
    • Conventional available
  • Full diablos
    • Auto ridge pressure
  • Road lights
  • Fall breaker
  • 40mm 1st & 2nd web
  • Main & optional 2nd agitator under main web


Grimme '99 DL1700 Variant

Full width digging on half diablos with auto ridge pressure sensing.
50mm main web with oscillating fingers over.
Wheeldrive, picking table & box filling chute on elevator.
A straight machine in full working order. Typical Grimme paintwork for year.


Grimme '99 DL1500

Wheeldrive and picking table.
Auto ridge pressure control system on half diablos, set for conventional lifting of 32" rows. Centre share capability is present, but not fitted and centre discs & wheels removed. Wheels set to 68".
Wheels are 500/60 - 22.5 with dry wheel motors and pumps. The optional high frequency agitator is fitted under the 45mm main web. 2nd web also 45mm.
Road lights on markers are fitted front and rear. The cart elevator has a box filling chute.
This is a genuine straight and tidy machine that has been well maintained. It requires only minimal attention, broken elevator web bar and 2 RS scrapers, to go back into work with current settings.


Grimme '96 DL1700 Variant

With picking table and RS rollers, here in South Lincolnshire.
Set for 34" in 72" row lifting on half diablos with auto pressure control.
Self centre steering axle.
50mm main web, 35mm 2nd.
Has been owned for a number of years by a small grower who has given up, the machine has not worked for a couple of years and requires a good wash.
The machine is straight & tidy requiring only minimum attention to make it exactly right.


Grimme '96 DL1500 Harvester

Wheeldrive, picking table, RS rollers.
Full width share, auto ridge pressure control, 540/1000 rpm gearbox, 2nd agitator under main web. Canopy over picking table. Slight damage to cart elevator rests. Dry wheel motors.
Needs a good wash but generally in working order.


Grimme ’95 DL1500 Wheeldrive Harvester

Used locally to us as a non wheeldrive machine, the owner then had fitted a Barlow Hydraulics system. Front end is set for 36” rows in 72” wheels. Machine has been photographed after pulling from a shed where it has been stored since 2013 harvest. The owner is over 80 years of age and decided during the spring of this year not to grow any more.


Grimme '88 Q Continental


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Reconditioned Grimme GZ Dahlman Table


1 2 3

Reconditioned Grimme DL1700 Variant Dahlman Table


1 2 3 4


Grimme GZ Picking Table

1999 onwards. With hydraulic valve block, GBT controller, canopy & frame.

Tel: 01205 260543 | E:

Pearson Enterprise

Awaiting copy.


Standen '01 Vision

Wheeldrive machine with full width lifting share.

This machine has 2 rows of stars ahead of the second web to give additional cleaning. All of the standard features exist ie:

  • Lanes adjuster
  • Hydraulic levelling
  • Steering
  • Hydraulically driven variable agitation

A pallet of spares are also available to provide centre discs for conventional lifting. There is also a spare main web. Main web currently fitted is 40mm.
The farm has ceased growing potatoes, hence reason for sale.


Standen '01 Vision

Wheeldrive & picking table. Front end set for full width digging. This machine has a bypass facility to allow crop to go straight to the elevator without going over the picking table. This will be a very competitively priced machine for what you get.


Standen '97 Status

From long term ownership in Cheshire, this machine is farm serviced ready for 2017.

  • Full width share on full diablos at 36” rows.
  • 45mm main web.
  • Dahlman table.
  • Low level picking table with bypass system.
  • Windrowing elevator extension.
  • Wheeldrive.
  • 2 x b&w cameras show the Dahlman table and elevator discharge.

A very tidy machine in good working order.
Videos show the machine running on the yard when the deal was done, to trade in against a newer machine from us.

Photos | Videos

Wühlmaus 1733 GVVP Harvester

New 45mm digger web & sprockets fitted.


ASA Lift Carrot Harvester

Trailed, top lift machine. Website.


Jones '08 Triple Folding Windrower

3 x 1650 wide 2 web windrowers with multi blade share, intake discs and drum rollers. Central cross conveyor.
Hydraulic wed drive, folding, intake gate and lanes adjuster.
UK road lights etc.

More Info

Hoekstra Onion Windrower

Hydraulic intake paddle.


Store Equipment

Herbert Equipment  

NEW - Herbert 1800 Contractor

This £150,000.00 grader, available for £90,000.00

Mobile grader with 7ft hopper and crop height sensing.

  • Hopper feeds presentation belt onto
  • VariClean separator (EvoSep, MultiSep, Omega type)
    • Height of separating rollers and angle of unit adjusted by hand pump
  • Feeds grading screen with variable agitation
  • Flat belt inspection with turning roller and lowering end facility
  • Unusable waste fed by full width conveyor to front of machine
  • Usable waste, to side

This machine has all variable speed motors, controlled by inverters.

Comprehensive electrics allow for box filler to be connected at delivery end.
Spare sockets are available to allow for a waste elevator.

Photos | Photos | HyWall

NEW - Herbert 2400 Contractor

This £185,000.00 grader, available for £115,000.00

50ft long with hydraulic braking from tractor to axle.

  • 7 tonne hopper with height sensing feeds
  • Presentation belt onto
  • Hydraulically driven 6 row VariClean separator
    • Integrated hydraulic power pack supplies oil to fluted & plain rollers
    • Height of extraction rollers adjusted by hand pump
    • Table and also hydraulically adjusted
  • Onto 8ft wide screen with variable agitation
  • Onto flat belt picking table with turning roller
    • Lights fitted over picking area
  • Usable waste conveyed to side of the machine
  • Unusable waste travels to front, collecting waste from VariClean separator
  • Full road lights fitted
  • All electric varispeeds controlled by inverters.

Photos | Photos

NEW - Herbert 1200 (4ft) Mids Bounce Separator

With finished crop elevator.


Herbert 8ft Oversizer Module - Refurbished

To be fitted with screen of new customer's choice. Also requires a geared motor to drive the smalls / under size belt.
Although not present, provision is available for conveyor to be fitted across the end if required.


Herbert 4ft Sizing Module - Refurbished

Varispeed agitation and varispeed drive to screen. Only requires a new owner to decide screen size.


Herbert Roll Grader

Stainless construction, in need of a wash. Conveyors stored separately.


NEW - Herbert Controlled Flow Forward Box Tippler

With side eject carriage.
A reconditioned 6ft wide receiving belt is available to be fitted to carry the crop forward to hopper or other handling facility.


Downs '95 Springer - FULLY REFURBISHED

  • One piece fully mobile chassis incorporating
  • 8ft varispeed hopper, feeding
  • adjustable varispeed coils with side underbelt for soil / waste
  • 8ft wide varispeed presentation belt narrows crop to
  • turning roller onto
  • 6ft varispeed inspection belt
  • waste shoots on picking stands feed underbelt
  • inspected crop passes onto end conveyor
  • folds for storage as does the side underbelt

Altogether a very nicely presented, well refurbished bit of kit.


Herbert 6ft Sizing Module - Refurbished

Side conveyor for graded produce to be fitted along with screen of new customer's choice.



Graders We have more information on used grading systems still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Downs '01 7ft Proteus Grader - 37ft long 3phase

  • 7 tonne hopper with 1m flat extension
    • folding sides for transport & storage
    • electronic variable speed motor
  • Galaxy star cleaner
    • mechanical variable speed motor for stars
    • mechanical variable speed motor for rollers
    • waste to full width under belt
  • 6 row expandable coils
    • mechanical variable speed motor
    • 1st grade of smalls onto the under belt or
    • web conveyor available to take usable smalls to side
  • Inspection belt with turning roller
    • central trough for waste
    • lights over and em stop wire
    • all waste to under belt or
    • conveyor available to take usable waste (stock feed) to side
  • Screen sizer
    • graded mids to side into box or box filler
  • End reversible cross conveyor
    • feeds weigher or box filler


Tong 48" Caretaker - 3phase



Tong 48" Caretaker - 1phase

Hopper, screen with under conveyor, roller inspection table with picking stands. Presently fitted with a 42mm grading screen.


Herbert Grader



Herbert 1800 Mulitgrade Contractor Grader

Hopper, rollastar, coils, inspection. No grading screen.
Unusable waste from picking return to side conveyor under stars.
Usable rejects go to side.
Cross conveyor on end.

Stood outside, not the best presented machine. Would be an interesting tidy up project to make it more presentable, but working bits are very serviceable.


Peal Parsnip Grader

Details to follow.

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Edlington 2ft Wide Grading Line

  • Haith boat hopper with 1phase varispeed 15ft lg hopper. Delivers to:
  • Flighted belt elevator with 3phase fixed speed motor. Feeds:
  • Rod link cleaner with under chute.
  • Twin screen grading module with side conveyors.
  • 2ft wide roller inspection table. 6ft lg.
  • 20 row x 2ft dry brusher with 3phase fixed speed motor and adjustable height legs.
  • 8ftx2ft roller table. 3phase speed motor.
  • Tong 1025 3phase weigher with inline bag holder, can be turned 90°.
  • 6ft 3phase bag conveyor with Newlong fixed head stitcher.


Farm Adapted Grader




Squire 48" Sizing Module

Vairspeed screen motor, fixed speed side table motor.
No screen fitted. Available as is, but we have a selection of screens to suit most.



We have more information on used hoppers and cleaners still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.




Conveyors We have more information on used conveyors still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Bijlsma Hercules Elevator



Miedema Elevator



Tong 2ft x 6ft Roller Table



Downs 3ft x 10ft Roller Inspection Table

Varispeed gearbox.


Herbert Flat Belt Conveyor

25ft x 3ft flat belt. 3 phase fixed speed motor.


Box Fillers

We have more information on used store equipment still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Herbert Box Filler - Hydraulic Lift & Feed Elevator

This machine was manufactured to fill high boxes and has an additional platform to raise the base, so conventional 1 tonne boxes can be filled. Used on the side table of the grading module to box smalls, in this case 45mm. Located near Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire, no longer used as no longer growing.


Weighing & Bagging We have more information on used weighers and baggers still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Walthambury 320 Weigher - 3phase

With compressor. Tidy machine located in Cheshire. Has been superseded on farm by a larger system.


Tong In Tank Weigher - 3phase

Good belts, ready to go. Foot pedal with cable to jaws.


Tong Weigher - 1phase



Walthambury 550 Weigher

3phase. Sensible machine with good belts etc.


Walthambury 320 Weigher

With bag conveyor, stitcher pole, counterbalance, hend held stitcher, incline elevator to waist height.
3phase machinery, 1phase stitcher.


Bag Conveyor & Fixed Head Stitcher



3m Bag Track, Stitcher Pole & Counter Balance

Not photographed.


Herbert Twin Big Bag Filler

Consisting of 2 separate units that operate in sequence from a separate reversing conveyor (not available). All aspects of the machine are sound with infrared protectors on the guards. There are no load cells with the machine.


Newtec Prepacker

2.5kg - 10kg poly bags.


Washers We have more information on used store equipment still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.
If you have a washer for sale, send us the details and a few photos, we're happy to put them on our site with no obligation.

Brushers / Drier We have more information on used store equipment still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.

Edmondson Dry Brusher

3ft wide, 20 roller dry brusher.
Old machine but brushes in very good order.


If you have a brusher or drier for sale, send us the details and a few photos, we're happy to put them on our site with no obligation.


Machinery We have more information on used machinery still on farm across the UK. Please contact us for more details.
Nicholson NM 1000 Hi Flow Onion Topper - 3phase

15 tonne / hr, receiving elevator, presentation belt, dust extraction system and waste conveyor.


John Deere Row Crop Wheels

Front & rears. We don't do tyres, but trying to help out a grower who doesnt need them any more.
Shown are the 340/85 R48 pair.


Bauer Rainstar 90/400 Rainstar Irrigator

Located near Peterborough, this grower has ceased growing potatoes after 2013 and has remaining this irrigator with raingun on sledge.
We have moved quite a bit of their tidy potato equipment and this is also of good quality.

The engine and pump have been sold separately.


Platform Weigher with DRO

2 tonne capacity.


Bespoke Covering Hood

Highly effective style of covering hood, tailored to suit your machine, producing a flat top bed. Shown here fitted to a Reekie 3 Row Spacesetter Planter.

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Webs & Stars We have a wide range of used screens and webs. Please contact us for more details.
Reekie New Cart Elevator Web for Cleanflow 2000 (900mm wide)

Brand new, still in manufacture's packaging.  Reekie part numbers RPH2127 & RPH1961.

1 2 3

Grading Screens & Used Webs

We have stock of used 2ft - 6ft grading screens, in both metal and plastic. A wide range of lengths and grading sizes available.

We have stock of used webs for a variety of machines in different widths and pitches.

Just get in touch

New Equipment from Reekie


Single Bed
Auto Reset or Shearbolt Protection
Manual Markers or Hydraulic

Triple Bed
Auto Reset or Shearbolt Protection
Hydraulic Markers
Optional Depth Wheels
Optional Subsoilers or Loosening Tines

Single Bed 1.7m
Spiked or Bladed Rotor

Twin Bed Fixed 3.8m
Specially Hardened Speed Blades
200HP Gearbox
Hardened Gear Train at Each End
Available with 2 or 3 Body Bedmaker

Twin Bed Folding - 3.8m

Folding Version of the Above for Simple Road Transport
05052010105.jpg (1012263 bytes) Reekie RFT380B Extended with Bodies

New from the Reekie range of spring equipment



1500 or 1700 Versions
3 or 4 Web Variations
Contoured Intake Rotor
Rotary Steering Sensor
Optional Hydraulic Scrubber Web
Optional LSS and Boulderbox

1500 or 1700 Versions
Digger Web, 6 Rows of Stars, Web
Optional Hydraulic Scrubber Web
Optional LSS and Boulderbox
Digger Web, 10 Rows of Stars
Hydraulically Levelling Pillar Axle with Integrated Steering
Optional Boulder Box
2 Row
Mechanical or Hydraulic Spacing Selection
Jumbo or Tipping Hoppers
Cup Inserts to Use Smaller Seed
Choice of Ridging Ploughs or Covering Hood

Hydraulic Spacings
Steering and Levelling Axle
Tipping Hopper

Haulm Topper  

Single Bed
2.2m Working Width
Shredder Plate Replaces Cross Conveyor
Choice of PTO Speeds
Front or Rear Mountable



Dominant 3000
Slimline CanBUS Control
Integrated Sidewall Elevator
Choice of Cleaning Units
Full Options List

More Information or Can't Find What You're After - please contact Steve:

Tel: 01205 260543

Mob: 07850 871901