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The Reekie Bedmaker has been developed over many years to bring the moulded plough boards to their current shape. This gives the correct shape of bed and ridge bottom for efficient stone and clod separation in varying soil conditions.

Check out the Reekie Bedmaker in action!

Hydropneumatic autoreset facility that allows the ploughs to ride over obstructions and return to the working position automatically.

Bedmaker plough

The Reekie Bedmaker plough is shaped to create the ideal bed shape, width and depth.

The Reekie Bedmaker range come in the form of the:

  • RBM2 SB/HP - 2 plough

  • RBM3 SB/HP - 3 plough. Attaches to 3.8m Bedtiller

  • RBM4 SB/HP - 4 plough. Folds to 3m for transportation

A sufficiently deep, wide ridge bottom accepts a large volume of stone or clod, and a wide flat topped bed ensures there is adequate soil available after separation. The design of the Bedmaker allows it to operate at varying depths and row widths whilst maintaining the ideal shape of bed and ridge to suit varying requirements. Bedmakers are offered in 2, 3 and 4 plough versions with either shearbolt or hydropneumatic autoreset protection. Hydraulic or manual markers are available for tractors without GPS.

Protection against damage to ploughs is provided either by the hydropneumatic autoreset facility that allows the ploughs to ride over obstructions and return to the working position automatically or by a breakaway shearbolt on the basic models. All bedmaker ploughs are fitted with depth adjustable stabiliser fins.

The RBM4HP2 has a working width of 7m plus markers which extend up to 3.65m on either side. The outer ploughs are parallel linked for half or full depth operation so the deep ridger can open three full furrows and a half on each run maintaining accurate bed widths. Bed widths are adjustable up to 80” and 500mm deep. The Bedmaker folds to 3m for transportation and single bed forming on irregular fields. Plough assemblies are offered with a choice of shear bolt protection or hydropneumatic auto reset for nonstop operation. Stabiliser fins are depth adjustable. Dual position linkage is fitted as standard. This 4 plough Bedmaker is designed for tractors of 250 -350 HP.

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