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The bedtiller was developed to increase the output of stone and clod separators in heavy or cloddy conditions. It cultivates bottoms so as not to compact soil in bed where tubers are grown. The 3.8m model (2 beds) was developed to utilise the high horsepower tractors now used on farms and thus gives greater output in acres/day cultivated. This machine can be used in preformed beds or direct onto ploughed or lightly cultivated soils depending on the soil conditions. This system can also be used for soil preparation where stone and clod separation is not required. We offer our bedtiller with either Reekie Speedblades or Hook Tines.

Reekie Bedtiller Speedblades

Reekie Speedblade, a specially hardened, faced and coated blade. This production process makes the blade highly durable. The shape cuts and chops clod over and above the action of a rotavator blade.

Reekie Bedtiller Hook Tines

Reekie Hook Tine, a specially hardened, faced blade. This production process makes the blade highly durable. 

The Reekie Bedtiller range come in the form of the:

  • RT170 - 1.7m

  • RT380 - 3.8m (fixed)

  • RFT380 - 3.8m (folding)

  • RT170HT - 1.7m Hook Tine

  • RT380HT - 3.8m Hook Tine (fixed)

  • RFT380HT - 3.8m Hook Tine (folding)

RT170 Bedtillers have been designed specifically to give full depth cultivation of previously formed beds of up to 2.0m centres. The quick attach rear linkage for mounting a Shearbolt Bed Maker is manually adjustable to enable the depth and angle of the ridging ploughs to be set in relation to the operating depth of the tiller. Both of the 380 models, fixed and folding feature a cat.2 rear linkage and cat.2/3 front linkage. The rear linkage allows for a variety of options to be fitted. Options include a choice of small bodies with breakaway or shearbolt protection. Fitted to a toolbar, these can be adjusted for different bed widths. Alternatively a 1.7m or 3.8m covering hood is available with manual pitch adjustment. 

The RT170  features a four speed 120HP gearbox for 540 or 1000 rpm input with friction safety clutch on tractor PTO shaft. The 380 tillers can accept 200 HP from the tractor at 1000 RPM. The gearbox transfers power into the dynamically balanced rotor(s) through heavy duty gears to each side of the machine and suitable protection systems are incorporated depending on the model. Heavy duty bearings and steel bearing housings ensure a long working life with minimal downtime.

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