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Manufactured in our Lincolnshire based workshop, Reekie Potato Equipment has developed the high quality harvester design we inherited from the reliable Scottish brand. The combination of gentle handling and flexibility in the choice of cleaning systems enables growers to effectively handle widely varying soil conditions and the number of crop varieties being grown to meet market needs.

Harvester side elevator

Integrated 1040mm Sidewall Elevator - Designed to be much gentler on the crop.

Reekie Canbus

Slimline Reekie CANBUS in Cab Control Box

The Reekie Havester comes in the form of the:

  • Dominant 3000 - 1500mm Crop intake section width.

  • Dominant 3000 (3174) - 1700mm Crop intake section width

Modular design enables the choice of two operating widths with crop intake sections of 1500mm or 1700mm. On all models the second web and optional cleaning modules are a full 1700mm in width to maximise separation efficiency. Positive main web drive features a wrap around, double driven roller system, that allows for a reduction in the diameter of the main web carrying roller. The positioning of the rollers, together with the moulded rubber drive shoes provides a positive drive, even in wet conditions where high volumes of soil are being carried in the machine and reduces the risk of web slip in difficult harvesting conditions. The reduction in roller diameter means that drop from the first to second web is greatly reduced. A hydraulic wheel drive system is available which is supplied with an electric clutch to disengage web drives, thus allowing the PTO to power the hydraulics while manoeuvring on muddy or sloping headlands. The ground drive is operated and controlled by the drawbar load sensing unit which also enables the drive to function in the reverse mode. Customers now have the option to configure their Dominant 3174 to carry the Evolution Separator cleaning module. The conventional roller separator table still remains our standard cleaning system. We have also introduced the option of a new integrated sidewall elevator web that is designed to be gentler on the crop. The latest CAN-Bus in cab control box is a much slimmer design than one Reekie operators have been used to.

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