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The Reekie planter range includes the Mechanical, Spacesetter and Concept. The RMP and SSP are available as 2 row or 3 row bed planters with optional tipping hoppers on the 2 row models. The Concept Planter is a 2 row machine with a tipping hopper as standard

Planter cups

Cups and Inserts (35-45mm medium / 25-35mm small) to allow for planting of different size seed potatoes.

Covering hood for planters

Reekie Covering hoods now fitted as standard.

The Reekie Planter range come in the form of the:

  • RMP2J Mechanical - 2 row cup belt Mechanical Planter

  • SSP2J Spacesetter - 2 row cup belt Spacesetter Planter

  • RCP2 Concept - 2 row cup belt Concept Planter


The RCP (Reekie Concept Planter), Reekie’s most advanced Planter is fitted with the following standard features hydraulic tipping hopper with adjustable rear door suitable for holding 2 tonne. Ultrasonic depth sensing to each planting row to compensate for variable height beds or wheel sinking in light conditions with heavy weight in hopper. Adjustable soil retention boards are fitted to maintain soil within the planting area. Hydraulic drive to cup planting tunnels; infinitely variable to give planting from 10cm to 60cm. Hydraulically adjustable universal shape forming hood capable of adjustment to suit 30”-36” row. Also Included: Electrohydraulic controls. 30” to 80” adjustable steering axle. Handles seeds up to 55mm. Depth control by dual ultrasonic sensors. Hydraulic adjustment for sloping soils. Infinitely variable cup spacing. Cups electronically monitored to ensure they’re full. Spacings on the hydraulically driven Spacesetter planter are altered and displayed on the cab mounted control panel. After the spacing has been selected, it is maintained regardless of the forward speed of the planter due to ground speed being monitored by the control unit which makes the necessary adjustments to planting belt speed through the hydraulic drive system. The Spacesetter control unit has a visual display of target spacing and there is a stop planting feature that can be used to disengage planting units at row end before lifting ploughs or covering hood allowing all the tubers to be covered. On mechanical planters, the spacings are adjusted in the side mounted sprocket cluster arrangement. 


The RMP2J and SSP2J features toothed planting belts, driven by profiled rollers to ensure that there is no belt slip and to provide consistent accuracy, in particular on Spacesetter models. A manually adjusted agitator on the inside of the belt minimises the planting of doubles. The belts are fitted with cups (45-55mm seed) that accept inserts (35-45mm medium / 25-35mm small) to allow the planting of different size seed potatoes. They have an open centre to prevent the build up of trash in cup. Spring loaded deep openers with internal guide plates direct tubers into opener furrow giving accurate placement and spacing at row widths from 30”-36”.Planting depth is easily altered by adjusting supports between main frame and planter axle.

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