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Reekie Separators have been designed for high performance with the minimum of day to day maintenance using a tooth belt and pulley drive system. They are offered in all web or web and star configurations to meet the needs of growers with varying soil types and conditions.

The Reekie Separator range come in the form of the:

  • 3 Web Reliance - Digger web plus 2 separator webs.

  • 4 Web Reliance - Digger web plus 3 separator webs.

  • Speedstar - Digger web, 6 rows of stars and a separator web.

  • Supastar - Digger web plus 10 rows of stars.

  • Cultiweb - Digger web, 6 rows of stars and a separator web.

  • Cultistar - Digger web plus 10 rows of stars.

The Reliance Separator is offered in 3 or 4 web versions and the Speedstar comes with a digger web, 6 rows of stars, followed by a main separation web to the rear of the machine Reekie Separators can be fitted with a choice of multi tine rotors. These provide a regular, even flow of soil for separation and prevent bulldozing, even when travelling downhill. Contoured rotors are available to feed the soil only where essential, giving the machine greater forward speed. All machines benefit from having self centre steering and have a rear lift facility on the axle. A hydraulic levelling axle option can be fitted to the Reliance & Speedstar Separators. An option of oversized tyres is also available to suit all models. The drive gearboxes are protected by safety slip clutches and the toothed belt and pulley drive system provides maximum reliability with minimal maintenance, saving on the labour and down time associated with chain and sprocket drives. The modular monocoque construction provides a safely guarded, dust free environment for the belt drives, shaft ends and hydraulic & electrical services, while eliminating the need for a conventional chassis. Reliance and Speedstar separators can be fitted with an optional large stone separation unit with either spools or rake tines depending on individual requirements. The spool drive is protected by a built in slip clutch. The LSS unit is fitted with a hydraulic emptying hopper. The spool shafts have a quick removal facility for operating in conditions where large amounts of weed or root dumps are present in the soil, preventing them building up in the hopper.

Reekie Separator

The Cultistar has been designed as a combination cultivation / separation machine for use in heavy clod conditions where rotary cultivators previously had to be used for soil preparation prior to separation. Unlike normal bed cultivators / tillers the deep ridge bed is lifted into the machine and cultivation / separation takes place faster, with lower power and fuel consumption than with conventional methods of bed preparation. The 10 rows of large diameter stars that follow the intake web are driven in 2 banks of 5 from either side of the machine. To adjust to varying requirements, there are spacers available. The hydraulically powered scrubber web has variable speed control from in cab. This combined with control of PTO and forward speed gives the operator optimum control of the separation process. The Cultistar does not have a conventional axle as the wheel supports are mounted on the sides of the modular chassis, with a built in hydraulic lifting capacity. This also allows the hydraulic steering arrangement to be located above the machine. The combination of these unique features leaves the underside of the separation area free of any obstructions that could restrict the soil flow.

A choice of fixed or hydraulically powered scrubber webs are available for all Reekie Separators. The hydraulic scrubber web has variable speed controlled from in cab, allowing complete control of scrubbing as well as effective downhill separation. The fixed web has hydraulically adjustable pressure pads to raise and lower the web into action.

See The Reekie Speedstar in Action

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